This Fitness planned was developed by Maurizo Zomparelli commonly referred to as the most experienced physical trainer in "Fencing"

Maurizio has trained fencers from the Los Angles to Rio Olympics. He was hired as a specialist first by the Italian and then Russian Olympic Team. Providing them peak performance training that lead both teams Olympic gold medals in the individual event as well as team. 

Race Imboden has asked Maurizio to provide a fitness plan to aid you in physical training at home. 

This package includes:

- Race Imboden's "Warm-Up" PDF

- 4 week program calendar: Including "Reactivity" "Full Body Circuit Training" "Lower Body Circuit Training"  "Footwork Specific Drills" and "Speed'

-Video examples of each exercise

Maurizo has kindly agreed to answer your questions on the EnGrd+ page directly for all those who purchase the Program!

"I work with Maurizio daily to maintain top performance during a very long World Cup season.  He tracks my heart rates and sleep, works with me in person and virtually when I'm on the road. He is the foundation that all my training is built on. He is always adjusting my programs and picks up the phone day and night to answer my questions and guide me. I am so happy that he has agreed to give a glimpse of his expertise here on EnGrd+.  He's the real deal."